Bus 499 Assignment 3: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

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Professor Rufus Robinson Assignment 3: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Business 499 February 17, 2014 The business that I chose to research is General Electric. GE is one of the oldest and largest businesses in the United States. They are ranked #26 largest firm in the U.S and the 14th most profitable. GE is a massive, diversified and profitable conglomerate with a lot of very good but unrelated businesses. GE has expanded to incorporate television, airplane engines, medical devices, household appliances and commercial financing. Analyzing GE’s business-level strategy is somewhat difficult being that GE has so many different divisions. Any of these products would serve as a large and viable business on its own but…show more content…
www.ge.com Analyzing GE’s corporate-level strategy from 2001 – present with Jeff Immelt as CEO, GE focuses on the growth and development platforms. Technology is the key driving force for GE’s future and growth. Advancements in industries such as energy, health and aviation fueled demand for cleaner and more efficient energy production. GE identified new markets with potential high-growth that offered attractive returns through strategic mergers and acquisitions. As CEO, Jeff Immelt established a process for identifying projects that offered attractive growth potential which were then nurtured and treated as special projects or initiatives that were not subject to strict budget constraints. Immelt introduced GE’s three strategic imperatives as: (1) sustaining its strong business model, (2) strengthening the business portfolio, and (3) driving its growth initiatives. www.ge.com To implement this strategy, GE’s business portfolio was restructured through a series of acquisitions and divestments around five key growth initiatives: Technical leadership, Services, Customer focus, Growth platforms, and Globalization. Immelt implemented a six part growth process, shown in Figure 3 below. Figure 3 GE’s Six-Part Growth Process I think that if GE stays the course with innovative, ground breaking technology and development, investing in greener more efficient materials and

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