Bus 517 Ass. 1 Project Proposal Essay

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Children’s Miracle Network
Torch Relay

July 22, 2012



Date: July 20,2012 Proposal: 1 Representative: Linda Lang Project Classification: Strategic What business problem does the project solve? Raises Funds for Research and Services Needed in local communities Social Awareness brought to persons and areas unfamiliar with services available What are the major deliverables of the project? Funds raised in specified amount Organizational statement declaration Database of all entities involved in project What is
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Is the overall goal tangible or intangible? Will the project require many levels of work prior to completion? Skipping the process of defining goals to discover your project management deliverables can result in project chaos or failure. (Scheid, 2010) With all this in mind, the deliverables for the torch relay project are shown in Table 1.
Table 1 Children’s Miracle Network Torch Relay Deliverables

Funds Raised in Specified Amount
Organizational Statement Declaration
Database of All Entities Involved in Project With all this in mind, the first question to answer regarding the torch relay for the Children’s Miracle Network is to ask what the purpose of the project is. The main purpose of the torch relay is to raise funds for research and enhance services. So the main tangible deliverable goal is to raise $2,250,000 or a semblance of an overall profit in Georgia. Once a deliverable is established, the project manager will then divide areas that need to be defined and focused upon. These are known sub deliverables. A sub deliverable under profit will be specific plans of action for how, when, and where the profit will be made from the torch relay. An additional sub deliverable will be created by the fundraising department of the torch relay in order to establish ongoing relations with all those who wish to donate to the cause after the torch relay has concluded for this particular year.
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