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Boss, I Think Someone Stole Our Customer Data 1. Of the four (4) commentaries that follow the case, select the one (1) that you believe to be the best solution to reporting the plan to address the problem and state why Of the four commentaries that follow the case, the one that I believe to be the best solution to address the issues faced by Flayton Electronics is that of James E. Lee. I particularly liked his recommendations because it addressed all the key areas that are necessary in a risk response plan. Lee’s recommendations are typical of contingency planning; according to Heldman (2005), contingency planning is a form of acceptance because if the risk occurs, you are willing to accept the consequences and devise a plan to deal…show more content…
It is understandable that we may lose some customers, however we should compensate all parties for their loss and also give extra incentives to the customers that still stay loyal to us. 4. Handle secondary risks that will arise from the incident, these can be faulty media reports, blogs and social media reports with inaccurate information. Given the far reaching effect these media channels can have, we should have our Public Relations and department Legal department handle this by doing damage control in order to reduce the likelihood of additional lawsuits. These recommendations will help to bolster the company’s image and maintain the integrity of the brand as well as restore the trust that our customers once had for our entity. V/R, Security Management 3. Detail at which point(s) you believe the problem occurred and suggests a safeguard for the future protection of the company The data breach that Flayton Electronics experienced may have stemmed from several loopholes cited in the case. It may have been caused by someone hacking into the stores card reader system or from the fact that customer’s credit card information was being stored on the company’s computers and showing up on reports when this should not have happened. In order to mitigate these situations, the Security Director at
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