Bus 560 Business Ethics

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BUS560 Module 2: Organizational Ethics BUS560 Module 2: Organizational Ethics Check Your Understanding 1. Consider the functional departments reviewed in chapter 3. Which department do you think faces the greatest number of ethical challenges? Why? It would seem that the finance or bookkeeping department of any company faces the greatest number of ethical challenges because the opportunity to manipulate the accounting and misrepresent or otherwise take money from the company is ‘ever-present.’ However, there are opportunities for unethical behavior in all areas of a business – and in all businesses in the economy. 2. Provide three examples of unethical behavior that you have observed at the company you work or (or worked…show more content…
A second example of unethical behavior was exhibited by the business owner himself – who regularly employed ‘illegal aliens’ who were not lawfully permitted to work in this country. Certainly observing the desperation of these individuals firsthand – and their willingness to do any type of work – fanned a swell of empathy in me for the situation – but it is strictly against the law to employ undocumented workers and it actually results in manipulation and exploitation of these works that is akin to slavery. Further, these workers are willing to be paid little for their efforts and they take jobs from people who are here legally and need work. A third type of unethical behavior that I was surprised to see was sexual harassment in the workplace. There were few women employed by the business but those who were there were regularly submitted to off-colored comments and some actual requests for sexual favors – that, although said ‘in jest’ – caused the women to feel uncomfortable and that keeping their jobs relied upon them laughing it off or taking it in stride. Sometimes the employer engaged in the inappropriate humor and flirtations and this seemed extremely dangerous. It was obvious that this activity is easy to “fall into” and then not take seriously as it progresses and becomes more and more blatant. 3. Philip Kotler argues that professional marketers “should have the same ambivalence as nuclear scientists who help build nuclear bombs.” Is that a valid argument?
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