Bus 599 Week 7 Discussion Bus599 Week 7 Discussion

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BUS 599 BUS599 Complete Course Download Answer here visit www.workbank247.com http://workbank247.com/q/bus-599-bus599-complete-course-discussions-week-1-/11580# http://workbank247.com/q/bus-599-bus599-complete-course-discussions-week-1-/11580# BUS 599 Week 1 Discussion Due Week 1 and worth 20 points Important Notes This exercise is considered an academic writing exercise. Quality of response, grammar, and punctuation are considered in your overall grade. This exercise does not require the use of APA format or a cover page. Throughout this course, you will develop a series of written papers / projects that you will later combine into a complete business plan for a Non-Alcoholic Beverage company. For this exercise, you must first…show more content…
Suppose Honest Tea has hired you as a consultant to evaluate the completeness of their strategy for future growth. Base your evaluation on the provided SWOT analysis. Provide a rationale for your response. BUS 599 Week 3 Discussion "Don't Miss the Mark" Please respond to the following: Watch the following videos: Watch Video Small Business Success Story: Heart Juice Heart-Healthy Beverage Duration: (3:12) YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYX04wiMYmQ Watch Video Non-alcoholic drinks-Iran-10-02-2011 Duration: (5:54) YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-4ivPwMDCE There are two (2) very different target markets and sales forces discussed in the videos. Identify some of the key differences between the organizations’ sales forces and target markets. Explain the value of developing a sales force based on the target market. Use examples from each video to support your response. BUS 599 Week 4 Discussion "A Rotten Apple?" Please respond to the following: Watch the following 2013 Bloomberg’s video Watch Video Apple's Next Products: Is a New Strategy Needed? Duration: (4:23) YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glnTz5HD05U Based on the video, fast forward to current day and give your opinion on whether or not Apple’s product strategy should change given its current rate of success and potential competing companies (i.e. Samsung, etc.) operating

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