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Aleve Timothy Vallin BUS 620 Managerial Marketing Instructor: Jacqueline Gilliard November 20, 2011 Introduction The company that I will be writing about is called Aleve. Aleve is an OTC drug that is made from the company known as Bayer. This medication is known for being a pain reliever that provides relief for a variety of condition. Just like any other company, Aleve has to be able to create a marketing plan. This plan has to be very strategic in order to gain customers and investors. The company must choose a market that they want to target. By doing this they must find out information about their competitors. This information will help them to come up with a marketing strategy that will tell customers why they should…show more content…
The goal is to use a mass-market strategy. This will happen by ignoring any segment differences and design multiple product and marketing programs that will appeal to a very large number of potential customers (Mullins & Walker Jr, 2010). By doing this, the company will gain economies of scale and cost advantage. The plan is to be able to provide everyone from children to adults with something that will be cost effective while being able to help them. We are looking at providing for everyone that can take our medication. After doing research we found out that there are markets available that we have not targeted. There are a lot of teenaged students who dance use Aleve. A majority of them take an Aleve before their dance classes in order to prevent cramps or soreness after rehearsing or to mask symptoms of injuries (Hayes, 2011). This is another crowd we will look at. There is a large market of dancers and anyone else out there knowing about The competitors of our product would be Tylenol. The product was developed by McNeil Laboratories. The major ingredient in their medication is acetaminophen. The company was bought by Johnson & Johnson in 1959. They began advertising to many health professionals. They are a company that has many different brands of drugs that serve children up to adults. Their product is said to work by being able to elevate the body’s overall pain threshold so that an individual who takes this medication will feel less pain.
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