Bus 642 Hr Matters and Concerns

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HR Matters of Concern “Performance Reviews” Benefit or Waste
Jacquetta Brown
BUS 642 Business Research Methods & Tools
Instructor David Brownfield
January 22, 2011

In this study, the effect of performance reviews/appraisals and its relationship on HR decision making has been investigated. In order to test this theory, I used random sampling of 10 different data reports related to the pros and cons HR are faced with concerning performance reviews. Majority companies are reconsidering performance reviews therefore requiring thorough evaluation using outside consultants. Other companies find them a waste of time and do not do them because they are not done correctly. I was able to use data evaluation of decision theory and
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While HR managers develop the system, managers conduct the actual performance evaluations. However, these roles can change depending on the size of the organization. For example, in companies where the HR department is small, managers must assume a larger role in effective HR practices. It was also found in the article Performance Management Research Review, “Research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp, formerly the Human Resource Institute) that there are several well-defined steps that can make performance management an effective process in any organization. Their study, finding the Keys to Performance Management: A Study of Current Trends and Future Possibilities surveyed more than 1,000 HR professionals representing various industries and company sizes. There were nine key practices for effective performance management found, and are listed as: The performance management process includes developmental plans for the future; Training is provided to managers on how to conduct a performance evaluation meeting; The quality of performance appraisals is measured; There is a system in place to address and resolve poor performance; The performance appraisal includes information other than that based on the judgment of managers; The performance review process is consistent across the organization; Employees can expect feedback on their performance more than once a year; 360 reviews are used to support the

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