Bus 644 Operations Management Final Essay

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Improving Stickley Furniture

BUS 644 Operations Management

Stickley Furniture has a long tradition of manufacturing and selling fine furniture goods. The Consulting Firm has been charged with the responsibility of evaluating and explaining how the company operates and tracks jobs and inventory. Also, the pros and cons of how orders are processed are evaluated. Finally, suggestions are made regarding the way the company should handle forecasting, inventory, work measurement, facility layout, shipping, quality, goals, and recognition. A full change in operations could result in greater customer satisfaction, reduced electricity usage, greater customer satisfaction, faster and less costly delivery of goods sold, less
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Skill of workers is generally low (page 240).” The sanders, assembly workers, as well as the oil and stain teams are perfect examples of a repetitive production processing system. There is not a lot of thought that goes into sanding off excess glue or painting on oil or stain. Lastly, the job shop method is also used by Stickley Furniture, which Stevenson (2010) said, “A job shop usually operates on a relatively small scale. It is used when a low volume of high-variety goods or services will be needed. Processing is intermittent; work includes small jobs, each with somewhat different processing requirements. High flexibility using general-purpose equipment and skilled workers are important characteristics of a job shop (page 239).” In the furniture company an example of the use of the job shop method is when pieces go to highly skilled workers who meticulously carve designs and other teams of master craftsmen who build custom cabinets.
Tracking Methods
During production how does the Stickley Furniture management track the status of jobs and track the location of pieces? Since mostly a continuous production method is used, except for the occasional customized order, the employees are doing approximately the same work throughout each day. As the individual pieces are made and before assembly all of the items are stamped indicating the date each piece was made and how the piece fits
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