Bus C110 Legal Environment of Business

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Assignment ONE: Consider Burma (named Myanmar by its military rulers). What political rights do you have that the average Burmese citizen does not? Post your response. Having an authoritarian government, the people of Burma face intense control by the government with limited, if any, elections or choices. The people must show complete obedience to the government to avoid harsh and usually unjust consequences. While my democratic government posses strong authoritarian elements, I still have the power to vote, freedom of speech, right to a fair trial, and many other liberties and freedoms that the people of Burma lack. ASSIGNEMENT TWO: Assignment: What Is Ethics? Think of a person who did something morally wrong, at least to your…show more content…
Since Congress cannot possibly be informed enough on every single issue, not having the administrative agencies would mean that Congress may or may not be making statutes ignorantly. How could they possible come to a conclusion without knowing everything about the issue? Furthermore, even if they did try to educate themselves on every different issue in need of regulating, chaos would erupt as many issues would be neglected while Congress is too busy educating themselves on other issues. CHAP 33: Assignment: Introduction to International Law - Using news sources, find at least one nation in the world where other nations are officially commenting on or objecting to what goes on within that nation’s borders. Are such objections or comments amounting to an infringement of the other nation’s sovereignty? Post your response. Chap 6 Why is ignorance of the law no excuse? Why shouldn’t it be an excuse, when criminal laws can be complicated and sometimes ambiguous? Post your response. For some cases, I sure wish ignorance of the law were actually an excuse. My car insurance would be a lot cheaper if the officer didn’t give me a ticket based on my “I wasn’t aware of the speed limit” excuse. However, if such an excuse held up in court, everyone would be able to use it to avoid liability, making the laws irrelevant. The citizens would run the country

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