Bus Reservation System

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A PROJECT REPORT ON BUS RESERVATION SYSTEM Submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of degree of Post Graduate Diploma In Information Technology (2008-10) Submitted By: BRIJ MOHAN DAMMANI 200852200 Submitted to: Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning, Pune 411016, Maharashtra, India ACKNOWLEDGEMENT A project like this takes quite a lot of time to do properly. As is often the case, this project owes its existence and certainly its quality to a number of people, whose name does not appear on the cover. Among them is one of the most extra ordinary programmers it has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Ankur Kaushik, who did more than just check the facts by offering thoughtful logic where needed to improve the project…show more content…
3. Design Software design is actually a multi-step process that focuses on for distinct attributes of a program: data structure, software architecture, interfaces representation and procedural detail. The design process translates requirements into a representation of the software that can be accessed for quality before coding begins. 4. Code Generation Code-Generation phase translates the design into a machine-readable form. 5. Testing Once code has been generated, program testing begins. The testing focuses on the logical internals of the software, ensuring that all statement have been tested, and on the functional externals; that is, conducting test to uncover errors and ensure that define input will produce actual results that agree with required results. 6. Support Software will undoubtedly undergo change after it is delivered to the customer. Change will occur because errors have been encountered, because the software must be adapted to accommodate changes in its external environment or because the customer requires functional or performance enhancements. System Study Before the project can begin, it becomes necessary to estimate the work to be done, the resource that will be required, and the time that will elapse from start to finish. During making such a plan we visited site many more times. 3.1 Project planning objectives The objective of software project planning is to
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