Bus Train ( Magnetic Levitation Train )

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INTRODUCTION The world today is entirely dependent on various means of transportation for their day to day and hence a more rapid and reliable source of transportation is must. People today recognizes aero plane as the fastest means of transportation which has its own disadvantages and there were no other options available till the beginning of the 20th century , but with the development in technology there were other means of transport which came into action and one of which was the MAGLEV TRAIN (Magnetic levitation train) which are on entirely different level as when compared to our traditional trains and on the other hand can been compared to aero planes in terms of speed. The recent development of maglev train has made them a strong contender for the future transportation and there is a lot of scope for development in this technology. The following term paper deals with working along with the advantages and disadvantages of maglev train. The train which are levitated suspended, guided and propelled with the help of magnetic forces are called maglev train. These train don’t have any engine as conventional train and for the purpose of motion solely depend on the magnetic force. These train don’t have any wheels as well as a result of which there is no wheel-rail friction and due to which these train can achieve enormous speed and `the fastest train till date is Japanese maglev with a astonishing speed of 581 km/hr. The first commercial maglev line made its debut in

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