Bus Z315 Unit 3 Assignment

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Shiyao Anna Luo
MUS Z315 Music for Film
The Jazz Singer Viewing Assignment

In general, each time when there is an argument about jazz music between the family members, usually that is the time for this overture. Romeo and Juliet Overture is in minor key, which not only creates the sadness of Jackie because he could not get his father’s understanding, but it also creates some sort of heavily emotions of jazz music not being treated seriously back into that time. I feel like the argument between the father and the son is actually about sacred and secular music. You can feel the struggling and desperations in this overture. Since there are several contrast sections in this piece, a stormy section with brass, drum beats and cymbals always introduced
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At this point, the music keeps growing because the mother is begging the father not to do it; so the audience gets nervous because we do not know whether he would whip his son. Also, the parents were arguing with each other and the music at here is kind of creating a call and response between the woodwind and the rest of the orchestra. It is trying to simulate the argument through music. Also, the music is building up when the father grabbed the boy into the room, and we all know he whipped him and at that part, music gets faster in tempo and when the boy came out from the room, he was crying and the music at here changed into a more empathetic feeling which helps the audience to build our own emotions as well. The other scene that starts at (47:18) uses the same section that the previous scene used, but this time the climax for this scene is when his father shouted at him that jazz could not be sung in their house, and it is a dramatic turn. Audience may think that since it has been a long time for the father to see his son, he may change his attitude a little bi; however, it turns out that he still could not accept this genre of music. The feelings and emotions are different at here. Before when Jackie was young, he was sad because his father whipped him and forced him to do something that he did not like the most; however, at here, he was more
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