Essay on Bus114: Principles of Supervision Week 5 Assignment

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Principles of Supervision BUS114: Principles of Supervision

June 24, 2013

` Principles of Supervision
In an organization it must acquire a manager/supervisor and employees to keep the business a float. The business also needs a positive and functioning environment to create a successful business. In creating a functional working environment each person must have respect, common sense and willingness to learn. In order to have a commutative work field regardless of the business the employees
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By examining oneself you can judge what you as a supervisor is doing wrong to have contributed to the negative outcomes of your associate/employee. With questions like what did I do to acquire such negative reaction with my employee? How do I address this employee that is not performing to the highest of my expectations? How can I push my employee to do better? What incentive can I provide for my employees to make them strive to work harder for me or the company? Communication is crucial in any relationship rather it is work, family or other random individuals walking along in the street. Supervisors must be able to communicate to their employees and coworkers information that can benefit the business and relationship of the individuals involved. An important function the supervisor must have is the skill to rely messages and information to the subordinate and managers. Without communication between coworkers and business members the business will not successes, the employees must rely messages to the workers the customers and so forth. Supervisors should build a reliable and trustworthy relationship with the employees and manager of the business. If the coworkers and supervisor and the business managers work long and hard at the relationship then the business will strive with the success. Managers, supervisors, and employees must have a productive and honest relationship to help everyone and the business

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