Bus303: Human Resources Management Final Paper

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Final Reflection Paper: Human Resources and its Functions
Joshua Barrows
BUS303: Human Resources Management
Samantha Duhn
Monday April 22, 2013

The primary function of human resources management is to increase the effectiveness and the contribution of employees, which are in alignment with the organizations goals and objectives. With in human resources management, there are many components or pieces of the puzzle that allow human resources management to exist. Such pieces of the puzzle include, equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, human resources planning, recruitment, selection, development, compensation, benefits, safety, health and benefits. Each of which will be discussed. In human resource management,
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There are certain strategies that employers use to make sure that they find the right employee such as advertising, employment agencies, web, colleges, professional employment organizations, temp agencies, unsolicited applications, and soliciting specific applicants. There is more than one way to look for employees. My friend, Jonathon Montgomery wanted to start up a small marketing business for local restaurants and sought to hire lot employees to spread the word around town. He went on craigslist to create an ad and three days later he found himself interviewing multiple groups of people to fill the role. He did not have as much trouble in the interviewing process, but he has a lot of trouble in the selection process. In the selection process, it is important to understand the strategy used to select the most qualified employee for the position. Selection the right employee is important and was really important to Jonathon. Our reading states, “ Selecting the right employee is one of the most crucial processes.” (Youssef, C. 2012) It is important, because when selecting the right employees, human resource management must take into consideration, laws of equal employment opportunity and while making sure they select the most qualified candidate to fill the role. In addition, organizations take into consideration within the selection process, employees are not only equip with the job qualifications, but they are equipped with the characteristics, such as motivation,