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The National Football League (Assignment 1) Michael Davis BUS 475 February 2, 2014 Dr. Joaquin M. Angles The National Football League My choice is the National Football League (NFL) which was founded on 20 August 1920. The NFL is made up of 32 teams across the United States; each team has 53 players on the team at the start of the regular season. The 32 teams are broken into two divisions; the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). The NFL original name was the American Football League and the name was change on 22 August 1922 to the National Football League. The NFL is the only major sport that does not have any teams outside of the United States. Each team has one majority owner and the…show more content…
The league is also in the process of try to ensure their five year deal does not expire with DirectTV and other satellite providers. The NFL has already showed they are on top of the mountain by occupying the top eight most watch spots on TV last year. “A new labor deal. The 2011 collective bargaining agreement ends in 2020. Labor peace is essential for the league’s economic growth. Expect Goodell and the owners to start trying to get a new deal done sometime well before the current one expires (Burke, 2013). The NFL is working on signing with Verizon to incorporate their own mobile network that will be worth somewhere around 1 billion dollars over five years. This product will enhance the game by allowing the fans to watch more games on the move from cellphones and other mobile devices. The NFL is working on make their fantasy football league more competitive and competes with ESPN and Yahoo. “The NFL’s fantasy game, at 3 million players, is still well behind ESPN and Yahoo YHOO -2.19%, which have an estimated 14 million and 12 million player, respectively (Burke, 2013)”. The league’s fantasy football league can be worth around $100 million dollars. Last but not least the NFL is try to expand the game into more countries; this process may result in other teams that will bring more viewers and more revenue. The NFL
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