Bus518: Gps-to-Go Takes on Garmin

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Assignment #2 – “GPS-to-GO Takes on Garmin” After reading the case on GPS-to-GO it was hard to come to the conclusion of Joseph Thomas. Temperament refers to one’s personality meaning are they an introvert or extrovert. Thomas seems to be more of an introvert because when he was in the meeting with Scott and he tried multiple times to get his point across, he was continuously ignored by Scott. Thomas does not seem like a leader that would tell anyone how to do anything. He simply let the project go the way it was going and did not challenge anyone. Yet he wants to convince Scott one way or the other that the project is in great order. Thomas had a last minute meeting with his team to figure out if there is a way the cost could be cut…show more content…
This occurs when workers and other resources are reassigned; the project is evaluated and administratively closed (Kloppenborg 2003, p. 14). Thomas hated this stage the most. He did not want to face Scott with the figures of this project because he knew he was over budget. Thomas even had a final meeting with his staff to see if there was any way to cut corners before presenting the last financial document to Scott. There are many personality traits that Thomas can adopt to successfully lead each team for the three Garmin product launches. He needs to be a good leader, have common sense, and have an ability of being cool under pressure, an effective communicator and an effective planner. If Thomas can adopt only one or if I had to determine the most appropriate personality trait for him to successfully lead the team to a great end result, I would pick an effective planner. Being an effective planner is one of the best personality traits to have because then the project has less of a chance to fall behind schedule. In order for the project to be successful, Thomas has to be able to organize many parts of the project into one functioning whole and be able to break down the parts and divide them into a plan (a work breakdown schedule – WBS). The project would then stay within budget and task would not be fall behind schedule. Now things can happen during any project, but if you have a plan, you can negate any issues that may formulate.

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