Bush Pilots Essay

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In the early years of flying the bush pilots were an essential growth mechanism for northern communities. In time of distress they were there to provide the three core emergency services. The bush pilots served as air ambulances, firefighters and as a tool for policing. One of the other core functions was transportation and a communication conduit to communities where in some places dog sleds were the primary form of transportation. Earlier bush planes utilized aerial survey techniques that were used in developing some of the first reliable maps. It could be said that both the communities and especially the resources were exploited with use of earlier period planes. This was clearly far outweighed by the need for the most basic and…show more content…
With time being the most critical element in of providing proper medical care in the years following the Great War air ambulances were in high demand. It was also essential to have doctors come in to remote communities for preventative care. The early pilots helped police as aerial scouts and also as a means of reaching communities when they needed the Mounties help fast. There are stories of pilots like Wop May first scouting for the RCMP to find their fleeing suspect. Reportedly Wop May then quickly extracted an injured Mountie saving his life. In that situation before early airplanes it could have been days before the mountie received medical assistance which would have unfortunately resulted most likely in a fatality. The final emergency role was early firefighting which used airplanes for scouting and later on for water bombing. As shown many critical roles were performed by early planes and the daring pilots that flew them. This made for outlying communities which saved many lives. As beasts of burden the early airplanes excelled. From the time they carried their first large loads of cargo and mail they illustrated how quickly and easily large freight loads could be brought in to remote regions. There were so few methods of transportation that could easily deliver more than one hundred pounds of cargo if there was no water or road access. It was certainly clear from the first cargo flights that aviation would be the preferred method of
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