Bushmen: Want and Item Essay

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hRunning head: Ju/’hoansi Bushman Ju/’hoansi Bushman Anthropology Abstract I am going to imagine that I am going to live in the Kalahari Desert to live a traditional semi-nomadic life with the Ju/’hoansi Bushmen. I am going to discuss the five items that I will take with me and the reason why I want to take these items. Then I will discuss how the semi-nomadic life style affects my sense of home my relationship with my environment and my attitude towards the people I am around and my material possessions. Ju/’hoansi Bushmen The Ju/’hoansi bushmen are semi-nomadic people that live on the boarders of the Kalahari Desert. This people are traditionally hunter-gathers. Deciding to join their lifestyle will ultimately change…show more content…
It will also be valuable to be able to store things as I go is a tight compact space that will help to keep sand and dirt out of it. Finally we come to my final item which is a water bottle. This item is a need. It allows me to keep a supply of life giving water on me at all times. This item could also be useful to store small food items in it if I didn’t have water in the bottle. When going from a world that has material all around you to a nomadic lifestyle the items that you bring with you would become very important. What was once replaceable is now irreplaceable and become more important than gold to you. My sense of home would have left the day that I packed for the trip because I am used to the luxuries of the Americas. The simple fact of picking only five items to bring with me would have crushed my sense of security and home. However there is a upside to moving away from a modern world to a nomadic world. The knowledge that would be gained from living in your environment would change how you seen the world. So often today in modern America we go through our lives without noticing our environment. We have lost all ability to understand how our food gets to our mouths. This change would give me a new appreciation for the environment. Finally my social ties would be completely different. The people that is in my small group would become extremely important. Considering that these people are the ones keeping me alive. Today my
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