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Whether you’re running a large or small business, be it online or offline, a corporation needs many things to run properly. It needs a structure of some type; it needs furniture, heating, lights, etc… However, the most important thing you need in running a successful business is to have someone that will organize things and keep the department running smoothly are those persons who are identified as managers, and are highly essential to any company and department. Being a good manager always starts with having a plan…which keeps disaster from happening. A company cannot succeed without one. That is when the need of a manager comes in. They’re the ones normally that come in with the why’s and how’s of how they would like the department…show more content…
If not, they have to go back and reassess the issue to come up with something new. Managers are also the ones that are suppose to set and monitor deadlines for the department or an individual. In actuality, deadlines for managers are more than just a “date”. It’s what causes their employees to get into action. If they know something needs to be on the “General Managers desk on December 24th, and it’s December 20th, they know they need to get things moving to get the project done, or suffer the consequences. Unforeseen Problems Managers Have to Fix As mentioned earlier, every company experiences problem of some kind or another. Whether the problem is financial, problems with employees, or having IT troubles. They always have to deal with something. Let’s say you have employees that don’t get along, or you have three people that want to work on the “main” project that you mentioned in a meeting earlier. Without a manager, you would have total disorder. With no one there to mediate, you’d probably have the same three people working on that one project, and wouldn’t get any of the other work done. Let’s face it, with no managers to look to for guidance; it’s just everyone for his/her self. Also, with no one to manage things, employees wouldn’t know what to work on. They would have no direction. Managers are important because they get things done. If there are too many conflicting directions from too many leaders, nothing will get done. Another issue managers have to

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