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Business 560 Worldview Questions" . To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethics? My personal view on how much impact should my believes influence my business, or whatever decision I make is that it should be fully Involved. My decisions that I make should constantly reflect in what I claim to believe in. To what extent do your personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs about life impact your sense of business ethics and personal decision-making? Again my personal view about my beliefs in life should be fully involve to where it is the foundation of business ethics, and decision making. Those things need to reflect in what I claim to believe in. 2. Does…show more content…
Christ told him to do that He must give up his possessions to the poor, and come follow Him to inherit eternal life. The rich young ruler did not do that, and walked away from absolute truth ( Luke 18:18-23, King James Version). 5. Do you believe that humans have free will in their decisions, or are they entirely a product of their personal environment, circumstances, upbringing, etc.? I believe that humans do have free will, but through their own free will they could become a product of their personal environment. If people living in a free will planet do not find absolute truth, than they very well easily could be a product of whatever their environment provides them. Reason why I state that is absolute truth gives people the meaning of life, and understanding the meaning of life allows people see beyond their environment to see that they have more options in life. Not understanding the meaning of life keeps people seeing just their environment to see a few options that they choose limited options with their freewill. 6. Are things such as true love, beauty, and justice really possible, or are those values totally determined by cultural beliefs and norms? They are possible to have in culture, but what definition culture define these things determines its possibilities. Does culture define these things through government, a high class, its state religion, or do they let the

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