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1. Ch. 6 - 7 -- You are the administrative assistant for a division chief in a large holding company that owns several hotels and theme parks. You and the division chief have just come from the CEO’s office, where you were informed that the guest complaints related to housekeeping and employee attitude are increasing. Your on-site managers have mentioned some tension among workers, but have not considered it unusual. The CEO and your division chief instruct you to investigate. Suggest at least three different types of research that might be appropriate to the situation.

There are numerous ways the administrative assistant could go about obtaining this research. Preliminary, the assistant should start with an exploratory study. This
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Ch. 7 - 5 -- Assume you are a manufacturer of small kitchen electrics, like Hamilton Beach/Proctor Silex, and you want to determine if some innovative designs with unusual shapes and colors developed for the European market could be successfully marketed in the U.S. market. What qualitative research would you recommend, and why?
When trying to determine if an international market item would be desirable in the domestic area, several questions would need to be answered. Several qualitive research could be used to complete this project. The easiest way to obtain the deired results would be to have a focus group. It would allow potential consumers in the marketplace to express their feelings on the given product. The research company could get an insight to how the overall American consumer base would react to the given product. Focus groups are highly recommended for introducing a new product or product concept (2011).

4. Ch.7 - 8 -- Use Exhibit 7-7 to develop the recruitment screener for the research you described in your answer to question 5.
Header: Kitchen Electronics 4/7/13 David Meade
Screening: Age 30-55, Purchased applicances in the past 24 months, use kitchen appliances at least twice a week.
Identity Info: John Doe, 123 Mockingbird Lane, New York, NY. (555) 555-5555. JohnD@yahoo.com Introduction: The purpose of this research analysis is to determine the potential consumer

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