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Individual Learning Project 1 Liberty University Accounting for Decision Making February 14, 2016 Company Analysis and Evaluation Project A Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is a health center that allows patient who might otherwise not receive the critical primary care that they may need. These types of facilities help to fill crucial access gaps, allowing patient to pay according to their income on a sliding fee scale. “Congress passed FQHC-enabling legislation as part of the Social Security Act in 1989 and the application process and requirements for federal qualifications are governed under the Public Health Service Act” (Hennessy, 2013). There are approximately 1,200 main health centers that deliver care with over…show more content…
As this FQHC facility utilizes and evaluates all of the items within the SWOT analysis, the balanced scorecard will include critical success factors that are associated to their particular line of business. Financial Performance * Operating profits * Reduction of No Shows of Patients * Strength of Management * Reporting to allow for more grant approvals by 65% | Customer Satisfaction * Complete the customer satisfaction every quarter; addressing over 50% of all negative statements * Build a strong family base * Set up a nurse hot line * Reduce patient utilize the emergency departments | Internal Processes * Qualify for a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) * Communications – (entire staff) – with a quarterly staff meeting * Improve comfort levels with ICD-10 diagnosis coding | Learning and Growth * Enhance knowledge and skills of staff * Learn health center risks * Educate patients on urgent care sites | Discussion of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) “Identifying critical processes and developing measures for critical success factors (CSFs) involves a study of the organizations businesses processes” (Blocker, Cocking, Juras, & Stout, 2016). CSFs are also referred to as value propositions. Financial Factors In the financial portion of the critical success factors is critical for success. The organization, even with the Medicaid

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