Business 340: Planning Negotiations

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COMPARISON BETWEEN DIFFERENT TYPES OF BUSINESS Planning negotiations Determine how you would rehearse the negotiation plan In negotiation planning rehearsal is vital. According to ADDIN EN.CITE Rumbaugh201080Rumbaugh (2010)80806Rumbaugh, M.G.Understanding Government Contract Source Selection20108230 Leesburg PikeManagement Concepts Inc9781567262735 HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_3" o "Rumbaugh, 2010 #80" Rumbaugh (2010) a rehearsal will give the team members the necessary confidence they require in order to handle the various aspects of the negotiation. It is a must to schedule a mandatory rehearsal meeting so as to provide adequate time for revamps and corrections. The meeting will begin with introductions and brief information regarding the team members professional profiles so that the team members can become acquainted with each other. After the introductions, the meeting will progress to a review of the negotiation plan with each member been given the opportunity to provide suggestions. Next the meeting will progress to the different rules involved in the specific negotiation the team would be performing. It is only after each team member understands the negotiation rules that the meeting will progress to assigning roles for each member. The expertise for each team member will be established and boundaries set for everyone. Once this is done the team will now settle down to assessing their position on the different
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