Business 360 Airport Safety And Security

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Aviation Cyber Security
Yulissa Menendez
Aviation Management
Business 360 – Airport Safety & Security
Dr. Robert Aceves
Section: PQ
March 2nd, 2015


The aviation industry has rapidly changed and is constantly expanding because of new technology entering the market. Currently the passengers are more linked with airlines and flights though technology. New technology produces a high risk of disturbance. Thus, airlines need to take action to maintain passengers and flight information confidential and secured. However, controlling security in aviation is not a simple task. Examining flight data information, radar recordings, passenger data, Air Traffic Control and Pilot recordings, is a very difficult because the aviation infrastructure is complex. Cyber Security is best defined as the actions taken to guard a system against unapproved access or attacks. Today, flying is the most safe and efficient way to travel and if a cyber attack occurs the possibilities can cause a big impact in aviation. Within the aviation industry airplanes are main targets and this could jeopardize safety. An unauthorized access might restrain the airplanes or impart false data to ground controllers. Attackers may frequently intend to control the communication system and give improper information. Furthermore, attackers want earn profit so often they might plan to steal credit cards, and book flights. This can produce a financial impact and crash for the airlines. The…
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