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Aviation Cyber Security
Yulissa Menendez
Aviation Management
Business 360 – Airport Safety & Security
Dr. Robert Aceves
Section: PQ
March 2nd, 2015


The aviation industry has rapidly changed and is constantly expanding because of new technology entering the market. Currently the passengers are more linked with airlines and flights though technology. New technology produces a high risk of disturbance. Thus, airlines need to take action to maintain passengers and flight information confidential and secured. However, controlling security in aviation is not a simple task. Examining flight data information, radar recordings, passenger data, Air Traffic Control and Pilot recordings, is a very difficult because the
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There is a great possibility of a cyber attack in the aviation industry. The threats can interrupt the safety and security of the passengers and the aircraft. Common attacks can consist of altering information that would make the information looks true and valid. American and United airlines wear both hacked in December 2014. According to an article in the daily news titled “Thousands of American and United airlines accounts hacked, with thieves booking dozens of free trips “ without unauthorized access, gained control of the reservation system and booked flights The hackers stole passenger’s username and password consequently booking flights, and stealing their miles usage. This cyber robbery affected about 10,000 passengers. However, American and United airlines both reveal that their system was not hacked. Technology has become reliable and available for everyone; this means that cyber threats have to be taken seriously. Actions to avoid this should be taken immediately instead of waiting until something occurs. The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) announced “A framework for Aviation Cyber security” decision paper. According to the president of the AIAA Elect Jim Albaugh, the purpose of this paper is to outline a method that the aviation industry should follow. The decision paper focuses on
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