Business Activities And Trade Considerations

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Name: Joe Cutting
Student number: 766267
Unit 2
Assessment Title: Business Activities and trade considerations
Rolls Royce, established in 1906, is now a globally recognised company. Although originally they focused on car manufacture they are now one of the leaders in power and propulsion technology. Rolls Royce’s technology is very efficient and their manufactured products are used in many sectors such as aerospace, marine, energy and nuclear energy. Investment in research is key to their success; they are innovative, creating new and improved systems to help achieve a strengthened market position. The jet engine has been improved constantly since it was developed in the early 1930s and Rolls-Royce’s new Trent XWB EP civil aircraft engine offers a fuel consumption improvement of 1% compared with other manufactures, making it the most efficient technology currently in the world. Rolls-Royce are a state-of-the-art company who continue to innovate and produce new products and services that benefit society. The Rolls Royce brand is key, without it they would not be able to make the sales and revenue they make. Its brand provides a symbol of quality and a good reputation. This reputation helps build customer relations and trust for the company. The brand also creates a strong attraction to engineers, which they offer many apprenticeships to enhance their skills base. There are currently over 50,000 employees working for Rolls Royce. It is one of the top
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