Business Acumen

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My current manager has got to be the most applicable reference to business acumen that I can think of. I have worked for the Federal Government for 4 years now, and have worked for my current boss for 2 of those years. Her name is Cindy and she is without a doubt the best boss I have ever had. Throughout my time here, Cindy has taught me the ins and outs of supply chain, product management, and so much more. Although she is incredibly efficient at her job and the tasking it entails, I have found that it is not her true passion. Cindy loves to help people. She has made it her mission in life to make sure nobody on our team ever feels lost of like they don’t have anyone fighting for them, and she has shown many times how much she truly…show more content…
As stated by Drucker in this week’s reading “…you couldn’t predict the environment of the future. However, what you could do is create the future (Cohen, 2008).” Throughout my years here, I have seen the forward thinking mentality of Cindy. She is truly a woman beyond her years. She has spent the last 20 years creating a name for herself in this organization and it has certainly not gone unnoticed. I have witnessed the creation of new programs used to support the fleet, and even Cindy’s hands on approach to problem solving at the root of the issue, as opposed to waiting until the issue hit her desk. This is another aspect of business acumen that I believe Cindy truly possessed; the ability to handle decisions so that the future brings good outcomes. I could never ask for a better working environment or a better, more knowledgeable boss. I have observed these skills and will apply them to my career one day. I hope to be a manager that people enjoy working for, but also trust to make the right decisions for all parties involved. I believe I have learned those traits from Cindy in my very short, but very informative time here. References Cohen, W. A. (2008) A Class with Drucker, The Lost Lessons of the World's Greatest Management Teacher Reilly, R., & Reilly, G. (n.d.). What It Is, Why It's Important and How to Get It. Building Business Acumen. Retrieved July 27, 2012, from
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