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Spring 2015 BUAD 301 Monday 4:00 to 6:45 pm Professor: Colin S. Innes Office: Mihaylo 4175 Office Hours: MTWR 9:45 to 10:45 am e-mail: Course Prerequisites: Grade of C or above in English 101 and BUAD 201, or their equivalents. You may not be enrolled in BUAD 201 and BUAD 301 simultaneously. Course Description: In BUAD 301 you will build upon skills acquired and developed in BUAD 201. Using these basic, but crucial, communication skills you will continue to produce documents but of a more sophisticated nature. Whereas in BUAD 201 the messages were relatively straightforward, as you became familiar with producing various types of communications, BUAD 301 calls…show more content…
Students are asked to register for the services of the CSUF Career Center. For information about these services, please see You may also wish to visit the MCBE Career Center at Information Competence is something that students need to demonstrate in this course. According to the Association of College and Research Libraries Standards, an “information literate” student can identify the need for information, access and evaluate information, and use information effectively and ethically to a accomplish a specific purpose. Mihaylo College Core Links: The following table demonstrates the core links between BUAD 301 and other key College courses: BUAD 301 Advanced Business Communication Key Concepts Link to Core 1 Meetings Key Concept 1:Delivery methods (technology) Key Concept 2: Organization 2 Deliverables Key Concept 1: Case analysis method (Harvard Business School) Key Concept 2: Feedback/listening skills (Performance Evaluation) Key Concept 3: Crisis communication (Press Release) MGMT 449 3 Research Projects (1) Key Concept 1: Teamwork Key Concept 2: Information competence (research skills) Key Concept 3: Executive Summary Key Concept 4: APA citation style (parenthetical & bibliographic) 4 Research Projects (2) Key Concept 1: Analytical reports Key Concept 2: Proposals Key Concept 3:

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