Business Administration

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Roles and responsibilities within business administration Business administration is a mechanism through which a business functions which has various parts. The specific job description in business administration varies greatly in each industry. These job descriptions include personal assistant whose role has changed due to the rapid progression of technology. They are now more responsible for a wide range of duties which have expanded beyond the scope of particular departments to the wide context of the of their key roles is the management of information. They are supposed to schedule meetings, maintain paper work, conduct internet research, increased understanding of the executive roles and be key team members of their operation in business. Administrators also support the role of training of new staff that is joining the organization (Meux, 2012. Administrative managers have an increased responsibility for running specific departments which is different from how it was before. Administrators are now supposed to be more in tune with the goals and objectives within the organization appreciate the interrelationship between departments, be prepared to think widely and take active participation in making decisions of the organization. The Human Resource Manager is also another part of the business administration that has retained core HR business administration requirements (Oxford Learning, 2011).
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