Business & Administration Knowledge Questions Part 2

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1) Explain the reason for knowing the purpose of communication. There are many different types of communication; we need to understand the purpose of communications for each type so that we can get what we need from the other person(s). In order to do this we need to have information to begin with, the person’s name of whom you are trying to contact, pen and paper, questions and the information needed if they ask you a question in return. 2) Explain the reason for knowing the audience to whom the communication is being presented. We need to know who the audience is so that we can change how we speak to suite them: if it is a business associate we would change are manner to being professional; a friend we would be chatty and…show more content…
That may in fact course a company to lose customers or potential clients. 9) Explain what is meant by plain English, and why it is used. Plain English is a form of English that is clear, concise, direct, and natural. Plain English is a style of language that should be used in user manuals, legal documents, articles and speeches. 10) Explain how to identify work that is important and work that is urgent. How we identify work that is important and work that is urgent is that the urgent work should be done as soon as possible and it should be done over the important work but it should be done to the same standard of that work, however if to much urgent work comes in you would need help to get it out again. 11) Describe your organisations procedures for saving and filing written communication. When finished the written communication if it is a letter save it to the computer, then print out the documents how many times is needed, then one extra to be filed as a hard copy and proof that it has been created and it has been sent out. 12) Describe ways of verbally presenting information and ideas clearly. The way to verbally present information and ideas clearly is to have the information you want to give out in bullet form in front of you so that you can build on what has been put down and
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