Business Administration: Starting your Own Business

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May’s Business School at Texas A&M offers multiple business degrees for anyone that would want to start their own business. One degree that would be helpful in starting your own business would be a Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) degree that can be taken at May’s Business school at Texas A&M. The type of business that sounds interesting to start would be a hunting and fishing outfitter, like Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop. Hands on experience with hunting and fishing and other outdoor experiences along with this type of degree would allow a greater range in expertise and insights with running a small business. A Bachelors in Business Administration from the May’s Business School at Texas A&M would provide the educational foundation for starting a small business and the personal experiences of hunting and fishing would be a great help in starting and running a successful hunting and fishing outfitter business.

When a student is considering a college, the student needs to consider the cost of tuition and other financial expenses. Texas A&M is a mid range college in terms of expenses. Texas A&M does require high grades and high-test scores, and their admission rate is a little over half of those who apply. Tuition at Texas A&M for undergraduate students is $9,006 for the fall and spring for residents of Texas. For non-residents the tuition is $25,625 per year. The additional expenses, on average, at Texas A&M is $12,575.Theses…
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