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Introduction Philosophy is the study of all the general and fundamental aspects of every human being. It could also be a way of thinking regarding many different topics and situations. Many philosophies are considered when developing policies that affect the ability of employees to adhere to reasonable rules. Some philosophies that are used are the philosophies of business, management, human resources, and ethics. The ethics philophies lets the management incorporate the moral issues within their policies thus creating a belief in the employee for the business or corporation. The employee beliefs that the rules and regulations are for the well being of the company and its staff, for the wellbeing of everyone. Managing Voluntary and…show more content…
When voluntary turnover occurs, many researches have shown that the reasons behind the employee leaving the company on its own are because of internal or departmental problems, with their supervisors or colleagues. Sometime they believe they do to fit within the organizations structure, so it always will make them feel not welcome, and not many employees can endure feeling this way for long, and so they move on to other opportunities. Are company rules and polices published so employees know and understand the conditions of successful employment? To facilitate order and to maintain workable conditions for successful employment, AT & T provides its employees with a code of Conduct and a Code of Ethics. These provide detailed regulations that govern behavior in the workplace. AT & T is a publicly traded company and thus must adhere to the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the New York Stock Exchange. To ensure that its employees work in accordance with these rules, AT & T has developed the Code of Ethics. This details procedures for handling issues such as conflicts of interest. Conflicts of issues may arise when an employee has personal interests or takes actions that make it difficult to do their job. The company’s Code of Ethics explains that conflict of interests should be avoided at all costs and that loyalty to the company should never be compromised as a result interest or personal

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