Business Analysis : Australia, Insurance Australia Group ( Iag )

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1. Introduction
A key enabler for an organisation to have direct communication with its customers is through its call centres. As many organisations make the decision to offshore its call centre operations to countries such as India and the Philippines, due to the reduced labour and operations costs (IBISWorld). It is vital for call centres domestically to operate efficiently, maximising the efforts of a highly labour intensive industry of skilled customer service agents.
Furthermore, it has been identified that customer behaviour is changing and there is a stronger desire to have a wider choice available, which leads to the requirement to have a multi-channel offering, to which call centres will need to play an integral part (Dimension Data).
The objective of this paper is to address a strategic operation issue in the writer’s organisation.
Firstly a background of the organisation and its strategy will be provided. Followed by an analysis of the operations issue identified.
2. Background of organisation
In Australia, Insurance Australia Group (IAG) distributes a range of personal and commercial insurance products, both directly to the customer and indirectly through a network of intermediaries. IAG is a leading general insurer in Australia, represented by the Direct Insurance (DI) division, which generated $4,545 million Gross Written Premium (GWP) in the 2014 financial year, which is 47% of the groups GWP (IAG, 2014). Direct Insurance distributes general insurance

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