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INTRODUCTION Bargain Basement Books has done well with the many bookstores it owns and operates throughout the Midwest. The incredible discounted prices have been a big attraction to many consumers. Bargain Basement Books has struggled to keep up with the demand for low-priced best-selling novels and children’s books. Panama, Japan, and Finland have shown an interest in the chain of bookstores. In pursuing the possibility of a new location, profitability projections are taken into account. Background Increases in sales and demand have caused Bargain Basement Books to search for options on how to satisfy customer needs. Bargain Basement Books is considering expanding its business by opening an additional location (or locations)…show more content…
At the end of 2012, the city had assets valued at 12,048 million euros compared to loans totaling 1,200 million euros (City of Helsinki).The economy is doing well in part to financial obligations being secured by these loans. Helsinki contributes a large portion of Finland’s growing economy through being responsible for a high percentage of employment opportunities. According to the Statistics Yearbook of Helsinki 2013, Helsinki has six industries that each supply 25% or more of the country’s jobs in those industries, one of which is arts, entertainment, and recreation (Statistical Yearbook 70). Political stability: The city has a stable government. This is due in part to the City Council consisting of 85 permanent members who are the basis for the City Administration (City Council). The Council puts into perspective the matters of importance and follows through with the implementation of those objectives. In delegating authority to other government bodies, the Council focuses on matters of highest importance. Taxation: Finland’s taxes are high in comparison to other European countries. This is due in part to the revenue being used to help finance care for children, the elderly, health care, education, and security. (Taxation). For taxable income of a minimum of 64,500 euros, or approximately $87,965, the

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