Business Analysis: Bega Cheese Essay example

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Change is the most crucial aspect of management. In a rapid competitive business environment, change is not only recurrent but also becoming complex. The case study Bega Cheese highlights how the firm has achieved change management from satisfying the needs of local market to being limited company of more than 50 countries globally. Through the case study, it is seen that Bega Cheese has undergone different stages of change process by implementing various effective cultural perspectives, to traditionally organizational designs concerning with structures and new forms, processes and boundaries to adapt to organizational change and eliminate resistance to change. Change is inevitable, and vital to achieve strategic objectives and competitive…show more content…
This force was one of the most crucial that led Bega Cheese to more number of products to assist development, growth and to be corresponding with global quality standards (Rawat 2001). Others include management systems which assist in new forms of processes that result in increasing morale of employee, organization of machinery and equipment, corporate culture. Furthermore, the internal agent of change at Bega Cheese noted was the value driven by wealth creation mission to convert from small corporate structure to unlisted corporate to open the true worth of shares in the dairy Industry (Kraijenbrink; Spender; & Groen 2010).
Acquisition and organisation of resources can be critical success factor in an organization. While on the other hand, change requires a firm to gain expand and utilise resource such as human, financial, knowledge as a crucial asset. Resource based approach supports this view and as Tywoniak (2007) claimed by that resource based view is the most dominant theory in history of management. This is achieved by targeting state of sustained competitive advantage by controlling resources and capabilities. This view emphasis on the need for a ‘fit’ among capabilities and external market, and since each firm has unique capabilities and resources, this result in achieving strategic
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