Business Analysis : Business Analytics Essay

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Business Analytics is focused on the latest business intelligence tools, technology and trends for business executives who plan, build, and use business intelligence products and solutions. Today great business intelligence and analytic technologies are allowing big companies to go big, go fast, go deep, go cheap and go mobile with business data. Business Analytics is used to analyze large amounts of data by applying statistical tools and techniques in order to generate business insights. The key to this ability is this company’s closed loop of testing, learning, and acting on new opportunities. In this company, Analytics has become such a focus that all analytical people were recently combined into one organizational unit. Thus the extensive use of analytical and business performance has transformed their ability to compete on analytics into a key point of differentiation and lasting competitive advantage. This company had to come up with viability of potential customers in the market, product research, and marketing campaigns and lead generation. All the activities expected of Siemens Healthcare company were attained through the help of analytics. Analysis I had interned in other companies in the past, but none the companies had an elaborate analytical driven marketing campaigns that were result oriented. The very concept of market analytics was new to me. The process enabled the project managers to evaluate the success of the marketing implementation through the
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