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About Business Analytics Business Analytics is a comprehensive method used by businesses deploying sophisticated tools to access past, vast and complex information and then use the acquired data and information to better analyse the organisation and equip its managers with the ability to make a well informed business decision. ( Name: Business Analytics Website Name: University of Sydney Year 2015) The Discipline of Business Analytics comprises of a few of the below complex functions: - Enterprise Resource Planning - Data Warehousing - Advanced Analytics - Business Intelligence - Compliance - Governance ( Name: Business analytics Year: 2015) In other words, the whole chain of processes starting from; when the data is studied in detail with the help of both operational and statistical analysis which in return assists in creating predictive models for enhancing and optimising current applications enabling an informed and well planned communication between and to the customers, key stakeholders and other business partners is collectively known as Business Analytics. ( Name: Master of Science in Business Analytics Website: New York University Year: 2015) The concept on which the below report focuses on is Business
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