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Business & Funding Business Introduction This report is aimed to justify the choice of the source of funds for the business that the team has been planning, and identify the cost-effective and appropriate funding method that will likely to invest in the venture. To start-up with the report, a brief introduction and discussion of the business will be addressed, then follow-up with both the explanation to the attraction and risk for the business in order to pose a more accurate picture when analysing the right funding method. The whole idea of Mobile Kitchen is rather familiar to the general public, this type of instant street cuisine was particularly welcomed by the consumers in place where involves large population flow, such as Beach…show more content…
However, it is not right to think that it is a ready-made customer base, the world can be the oyster if the business is more mobile, by going out and drum up far more business than the collective consumers we might have walking past the stall. Next, since the business is aimed to provide three different styles of cuisine in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, there is a potential risk that the production process will turn chaotic if the mixing of the recipes cannot be handled properly and deliver into actual productions. Any lack of quality control over the food production process will consequently put an impact on both quality and available quantity of the product, which ultimately leads to negative feedback from the consumers. As for the bright side, this allows the business opens to a much wider consumer market since they will be facing a variety of choices in cuisines styles. It also will be more flexibility for the business in case one of the cuisine type fail to achieve the consumers’ preference demand but the rest does, rather than spending time and effort on fixing the failed type, the team can simply enhance the production on the profitable side without cause big financial lose, while
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