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Executive Summary

NetCafe has made arrangements to wind up a reliably prerequisite for nearby espresso addicts, a spot to long for as you try to make tracks in an inverse course from the orderly nerves of life and only a satisfying spot to meet your accomplices or to look at a book, all in one. With the making eagerness for staggering gourmet espresso and fabulous association, Net Cafe will benefit by its closeness to the LaTrobe University grounds to create an inside social event of rehash clients. NetCafe will offer its clients the best coordinated espresso in the zone that will be complimented with arranged items, moreover free books that its supporters can read to advantage however much as could reasonably be expected from their
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Supplementing the coffee will be a smoothie line including wild berry, strawberry, peach, mango and lemonade. Altering the clear menu line will be prepared merchandise gained with an outside supplier, actually made and passed on consistently. The cake offerings may change with consistency however the key line will bread rolls, breads, treats, scones, and rolls.
Net Café’s courses of action to offer an extensive variety of coffee beverages, and moreover a mix of cakes. Besides, it will in like manner offer coffee related things, for instance, beans sourced far and wide, french press coffee machines, and coffee processors.
NetCafe will be using coffee beans from Venezian Coffee []..
Although these beans will come at a premium price, it ensures high quality coffee that is economically exploitation free. All beverages will be available in medium or large size cups only.
Pastries will be purchased from Daniels Bakery Co., who has agreed to supply NetCafe on favorable terms.
Coffee Beverages
• Americano
• Latte
• Espresso
• Cappuccino
Coffee Products
• Coffee beans
• Coffee grinders
• French presses
• Muffins
• Cakes
• Cookies
• Donuts

Coffee Beans
NetCafe will probably source most of its coffee beans from Venezian Coffee []. The general cost of this sourcing system will be higher than using close-by or non sensible trade
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