Business Analysis: Company Analysis Of Louis Vuitton

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Louis Vuitton – Company Analysis

Business Description

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the renowned brand, owned by the company LVMH. This brand possess the identity of originality in its designs. This is the major value addition given by the company. This brand has acquired the first position in the list of ten most powerful brand in the world of fashion industry in the study done by Millward Brown in 2011 with the value of $24.3 billion. The brand itself has worth more than US$19 billion. This brand brings the product of elegance, innovation and inspiration in front of the world of fashion.
The LVMH Group

This group was founded by Louis Vuitton Malletier in 1854.The company started its business with the suitcase making business. It is a French conglomerate which have it headquarters at Paris, France. The organization was shaped by the 1987 merger
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¥ Guarantee brands' self-rule as per their own unique identity.
¥ Share abilities and encounters of every brand and actualize collaborations.
¥ Set up and create groups of brilliance.
¥ Also going for manageable future development (in bearing of ecological well-disposed items) and broadening.
Marketing Mix Analysis

This analysis can be done through the 4 P’s analysis:
¥ Product: The organization makes item is of recognized quality and pays consideration on moment points of interest. Since its establishment in the eighteenth century, produce 0f Louis Vuitton merchandise has dependably strived for flawlessness. The idea of supreme quality is put on a fundamental level of Louis Vuitton's promoting procedure. With this procedure, it limits the buyers to purchase Louis Vuitton or nothing. Going past the nature of an extravagance item, Louis Vuitton likewise accentuates unequivocally on tradition and innovation at the same

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