Business Analysis : Corporate Website Analysis

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Indumathi Chitrambalam | Strategic Communication | August 26, 2016

Finance is the lifeline of an economy and in-specific banking is declared to be top most vital sector for the economy. The websites of two Australian banking companies: Common Wealth Bank of Australia and Beyond Bank priding themselves for providing integrated financial services and leading in the Australian financial services industry is evaluated on the image in terms of the corporate identity and culture as aligned with the organisation’s vision and values.
Vision statement takes mission and adds an element of human values. CBA’s vision is stated as ‘to excel at securing and enhancing the financial wellbeing of people, businesses and communities’. This key phrase primarily means that the firm makes serving the world with finance a higher priority than profits in its organizational strategy. The company 's vision also notes a desire to be the best financial institution in the world. Powerful visions like CBA’s point out the long-term perspective of the firm and the future environment in it would be functioning in. According to Sooksan Kantabutra and Gayle C. Avery (2010, p. 41) vision has no power to inspire staff members or attract their commitment unless it offers a view of a clearly better future. CBA’s vision inspires employees and gives them a sense of purpose. ‘Our purpose is to create and return sustainable value for our customers and their…
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