Business Analysis: Courier Transport

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Business Analysis: Courier Transport
Bachelor of . Business U. S. Q. Australia

Executive summary

This report analyses the courier service, Capital Transport, through development of a flowchart and Multi-Segment Model. It also discusses the company’s issues pertaining to improvement. Capital Transport is an independently owned company and operates six branches in Australia. The analysis in this report addresses the Brisbane branch of Capital Transport. The service flowchart demonstrates the step by step process a customer follows in acquiring service, namely making a reservation, arranging collection of the goods for delivery, being notified of completion of service and, finally, confirmation of receipt of goods. The chart explains
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For the standard courier, the company arranges truck collection of different goods from a large number of various companies requiring delivery in the same area. The express courier ensures faster truck collection and delivery in the same area from a limited number of companies. The VIP courier employs the VIP vehicle allocation and direct delivery. 2.1.5 Completion and Confirmation

The service order is completed once delivered goods are unloaded, and the driver has obtained the customer’s signature.
After completion of delivery, the driver radios Capital Transport to report that the work is completed. Subsequently the company sends the tax invoice to the customer.

3.0 Multi-segment model

The Multi-segment Model recognizes the four quadrants of process product, product delivery, additional marketing and auxiliary service. Each of these quadrants is a segment of marketer action, buyer action, entities and interaction that combine to provide an analytical tool to present a clear view of the service delivery and customer experience (Ward & Loughlin 2007).

3.1 Buyer’s perspective This viewpoint shows the product offering, including activities and interactions as well as entities from the buyer’s perspective (Brown & Fern 1981). Investigation of the buyer’s perspective is needed in order to ascertain buyer and

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