Business Analysis: Doctors Without Borders

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Real Life Situation: Today, we are very fortunate that we live in Johnson County where we are surrounded with hospitals everywhere. In many cases around the world, countries have hospitals that may be over 100 miles away with very limited transportation to get there. People are working today on creating and building hospitals all over the world for the less fortunate that are seeking for medical attention right away and need to be cured by professional doctors as soon as possible. On a day everybody thought they would wake up and hear the birds chirping their songs instead they heard bombs exploding in the air (Davies). On January 17, 2017 at 12:30 pm the first bomb dropped on the internationally displaced persons camp in Rann, Nigeria, only a few meters…show more content…
The central idea came from the medical journal called Tonus. MSF is the French name of this charity which stands for Medecins Sans Frontieres . Doctors Without Borders is an independent medical humanitarian organization. This charity is especially known for humanitarian medical work and producing research. They respond to emergencies and provide high quality medical care. Not only do they provide medical care, but also daily essential items to people who are lacking these crucial needs. They respond to people injured in war, natural disasters, disease outbreak, neglect, and many more emergencies. Nearly a third of their work scences are located in conflict zones. There are about 33,000 staff members in 70 countries. This organization is striving to respond to any medical emergency around the world. This charity won the nobel peace prize in 1999 for all the people they have helped and the incredible work, effort, and time they have put into this organization to help other people seeking for medical attention (History and
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