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Key Partners E-shop offers both products and services that can be used by consumers that are not only health-conscious but also culturally curious. Tea is alternative product which is beneficial to human 's health. As a result, customers can come and enjoy our categories of tea offered without feeling self- conscious. They could also try new types of tea that they have not tried before. E-shop also educates our customers about the cultural aspects of traditional art of Chinese tea making along with the benefits of tea. By broadening our customers ' understanding of tea, E-shop offers them a place to obtain knowledge in terms of health and culture. Below are the names of each team member, their role in the organization, and highlights of…show more content…
They can visit us for social reasons like business meetings or networking. E-shop also will provide a culturally sophisticated and intellectual atmosphere for customers. Moreover, this will allow our customers to enjoy our offered teas compared to our business. Key Resources Our e-shop mainly is exported Chinese tea from China to UK. We have sold all kinds of Chinese tea which customers like. And also, we sell tea products such as teapots, tea cups, tea sets, tea trays. Moreover, we also try to teach customers to learn and appreciate the art of traditional tea making in a place of serenity, which is the value we provide to our customers. Our Chinese tea e- shop got a website to let the customer easy to know our e-shop and contact with us. Moreover, the main for buy our e-shop’s tea is using Taobao platfrom to online trading. Because Taobao online trading is most popular for use in China and more safeguard. Taobao major promotion C2C (consumer to consumer) online trading, individuals or small businesses are sellers in taobao open online stores. The electronic commerce field in China is the most popular consumer welcome and the most influential one of e-commerce sites. Value Propositions There is an increase demand for healthier beverages like tea. This current trend of consuming health to maintain a better lifestyle has increased over the past years. Thus, as an antioxidant, tea is beneficial to one 's health. Furthermore, by offering tea, we are also aiding to our
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