Business Analysis : Global Luxury Brands

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Executive Summary The objective of this report is to understand the manner in which the global luxury brands are residing or extending their reach worldwide. It is also focused on the manner in which the brands are creating a deeper brand value and making the customers to engage with their brand. The other aspect that is being focused is regarding the company B&O which has managed to expand its business by adapting to varied cultures of the markets in which it has diversified its business. It has also focused on the manner in which the various brands have diversified into various markets. The prime comparison has been drawn between B&O,Harman House and Apple and it is observed that the products of B&O are considered to be more technologically superior to Harman House. Section - One When you consider global luxury brands, how does the physical space they ‘reside’ in extend and exemplify the brand and create deeper brand value and engagement for the consumer? There are several definitions for the term luxury. It is a matter which has now become more complex as there are several organizations which have now taken up the ownership of the luxury brands. It is with the recovering of the global economy that the global luxury industry is expanding at a fast pace. As a surprise this growth has been observed more in the Asia Pacific region as there has been a change in the customer perspective towards global luxury brands owing to the increase in the disposable income and
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