Business Analysis : Health Care Industry

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Table of Contents Word did not find any entries for your table of contents. In your document, select the words to include in the table of contents, and then on the Home tab, under Styles, click a heading style. Repeat for each heading that you want to include, and then insert the table of contents in your document. To manually create a table of contents, on the Document Elements tab, under Table of Contents, point to a style and then click the down arrow button. Click one of the styles under Manual Table of Contents, and then type the entries manually. Executive Summary Health-care industry needs several reforms, especially in cost management strategies, in order to survive in a bruised-economy of 21st…show more content…
This business report details how SaaS delivery of “intelligent” healthcare cost containment solutions offers deep and significant impact from a business, technology and economic perspective. The organization will be able to increase recoveries in less time and at lower cost, a beneficial plan for Queensland Health which is looking for to innovate their larger healthcare cost management strategies. After implementation of SaaS the organization can achieve greater operational efficiency as a result of effective interaction and decreased paper work among xxx. Additionally, improved ability to access information creates integrated ecosystem which is more reliable and accurate. Through Usable, flexible and scalable systems Queensland Health will manage to gain incremental cost saving without concern of growing patient base. However, before implementation of SaaS Queensland Health need to pay close attention to several factors such as terms of Service Legal Agreement, data security and selection of experienced on-demand software provider for which offers suitable healthcare customization. It should be noted that sufficient project governance has an utmost importance for successful implementation of SaaS. Introduction HealthCare Industry is witnessing a surge in the adoption of cloud computing and software on-demand is expected to bring about a revolution in the healthcare IT market. Meanwhile, hospitals are expected to deliver more while reducing
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