Business Analysis : Hospitality Industry Essay

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In this contemporary era, it is very important for the hospitality industry that its HR department come up with strategic techniques of retaining the employees and not lonely that but also find the qualified workforce which will boost up the organization in the longer run. As we all know the facts that the hospitality industry is operating in a competitive market and in order to gain competitive market. So better workforce and skilled staff would help them to increase their value in the market in the long run.
The image of any organization is relying on the better outlook it achieves and also receives better returns. In case of hospitality industry, it is very true as well. The practical actions could be taken up to improve the HR practices which hotel industry is facing from the past time and still prevalent. The most important thing which has to be taken into consideration is that Human Resources Managers have the valuable role in managing the workforce of any hotel. All that is needed the little encouragement and development of HR practices.

The second Contemporary issue which has been identified is the Human Resource management (Issue). This issue is very important for those managers who are recruiting the workforce for the hotel industry. The problems which are being occurred in HR is the biggest concern for the hotel industry. This particular, issue has been mostly seen in all the Big-Chain Hotels and Independent Hotels.
The major problems which have profoundly
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