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As JD’s Graphics Design Firm continues to grow, it is of our highest priority reach the competitive advantage, promote products, run business operations smoothly and make JD’s Graphics Design recognizable to all consumers. Using Business Analytics (BA) will allow the firm to collect data, create models, apply techniques and use everything collected to share with our business partners and consumers. The information collected will be very useful to the success of the firm, results will be used for business decisions, future growth and planning. Part two will take us through how we will implement the changes, possible systems and data collection program changes, forecasting the future, and statistical analysis of our results as …show more content…

There are many companies that provide the higher security and larger systems, which will be addressed. Operators will need to understand the use of the information collected and the best course of action to store information, share information and what gains or loss can be a result of inadequate use.
Challenges Faced with Business Analytics
Better business decisions can be made with the use of a BA system. The system provides more capacity to store data and information which may be needed for future reference, as well guide the firm into making best practice decisions for the organization. Challenges are expected in any company when a new data system is implemented, but a newer system will also speed up the decision-making process, create access to information more timely and accurately, and smooth out any imperfections (Stubbs, 2013).
In the wake of consumer needs, the information store must be understood and analyzed. Marketing groups and sales persons would face challenges if they fail to use the information provided to achieve extreme potential in their fields regardless of them making all the right decisions on their own. Local solutions cannot always be used by the firm when the consumer base is on a world-wide scale. The firm must be make the most of the information gathering when using BA and how to handle it with

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