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Kellogg Company Environment Denjah Harte MGT/521 September 10, 2012 Dr. John Grabarczyk Kellogg Company Environment Analyzing a company is one function a mutual fund manager performs when deciding to invest. The organization should conform to a strategic goal, evaluate new product developments, and have an increased market potential. Kellogg Company is a multinational, diversified, food manufacturing company producing cereals, snacks, and other foods. A mutual fund manager would recommend investing in the Kellogg Company based on long-term profitability and financial stability. Originally named The Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company in 1906, in 1922 W.K. Kellogg renamed it Kellogg Company. According to Kellogg…show more content…
Consumers are complex in many aspects. Consumers are the end user of the product, the focal point of the strategic planning, and whose views influence the direction the organization takes in the global and local community. Consumer wants are many: a cheap cost, a nutritious product, an available supply, long storage life, and easy accessibility to a large variety. The consumer needs are simpler to define: they need food, shelter, and clothing. Kellogg Company fulfills the needs of the stakeholders in various ways. Kellogg expanded from its headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, across the United States, Canada, and into Mexico. The company extended globally to Europe, South America, and Asia Pacific, opening the door to new opportunities, careers, and partnerships for stakeholders. Kellogg Company encourages a value system for employees at every level in the organization. Integrity, respect, accountability, passion, simplicity, success, humility, and hunger along with a Global Code of Ethics guide the business practices of employees of Kellogg Company worldwide. Kellogg Company calls these the ‘K Values’. Suppliers, like wheat, corn, and rice farmers, grow the grains for Kellogg Company. According to "Kellogg 's Corporate Responsibility: Responsible Sourcing" (2012), Kellogg Company “requires supplier companies to comply with fair labor practices and ethical business standards,

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