Business Analysis : Kfc And Nhs

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Objective is to describe the purpose and ownership of two businesses.
My chosen businesses are KFC and NHS. These are the businesses I will be discussing the purpose and ownership. I will also mention the internal and external stakeholders of these two businesses.
Terms and references
The aim of this assignment is to describe the different types of businesses that operate in the UK. This will include the comparison between a franchise and a public sector business in terms of ownership and purpose.

As we are all aware of, KCF is a fast food restaurant that specialises in fried chicken and its headquarters is located in Louisville in USA. It is considered the world’s second largest restaurant chain after McDonalds with 18,875 outlets in more than 110 countries and territories as of December 2013, but it is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant. KCF was founded by Harland sanders in the year of 1930. Its first franchise company was opened in Utah in 1952. After the first franchise was opened, KFC started expanding rapidly world-wide, this created a brand image for the company, and their logo became popular and was easily recognised by its external stakeholders. Its strap-line (finger lickin good) defines the deliciousness of their chicken.
KFC employs around 24,000 people in 850 restaurants. 65% of the KFC recruits are young adults venturing into the world of work for the very first time. KFC is a great place to start working, with a fun and…

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