Business Analysis Management Theories And Practices 303 Course Project

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Management 303 Course Project 1 LivWell Business Analysis Management Theories and Practices 303 Course Project In this course project I was given a couple of options to choose from; either analyze a prev ious business I have worked for, choose from a list provided or use my current emp loyer. Since my current job is quite interesting, I will go ahead and do an analysis of my current employer. LivWell, the largest premiere medical and recreational marijuana distributor in the world, wa s established in 2010. LivWell was purchased a s a fail ing small marijuana business and by 2012 LivWell had opened up 5 locations only attributing to the medical marijuana patien ts, at the time there was only a handful of other marijuana businesses with multiple locations. With 9 locations all over the state o f Colorado, Li vWell became the leader of marijuana sales and production . Naturally as recreational marijuana had es t ablished itself in Colorado in 2014 LivWell increased profits from not only from the medical market but the recreational market. I joined the LivWell team in 2013 on the storefront and have worked my way through the company finally settling in as a shift manager within one of their now 11 locations. Being with LivWell for just about a year and a half I feel that I have a pretty good feel for how our company works and can establish an acceptable business analysis on the company with some help from some other employees. I have great respect for LivWell and do plan on
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